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  • William Kentridge, Fortuna UNAM, UNAM Cultural Dissemination, MUAC, Amparo Museum, Amparo Foundation, RM 2015 Text: Amanda de la Garza, Néstor Garcia C., Lilian Tone. Folio MUAC 032 Spanish/english

  • Vestiges and Remains, exploration into the present catalog Contemporary art CIAC, Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum, Ministry of Culture Jalisco, UNAM, CONACULTA, México city, College of San Ildefonso. Hardcover 339 pages with full-color illustrations

  • Paloma Torres, Horizons catalog Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum, UBS, Ministry of culture 2008 Spanish-english Contains CD

  • Pre-hispanic mini-guide with timeline Escalante Gonzalbo, Pablo A tour through the Amparo Museum, the pre-hispanic collection. Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum 2015 104 pages with full-color illustrations available in english and spanish. "the timeline is available as a free gift with purchase of the mini-guide"

  • Teresa Serrano catalog Teresa Serrano/Berta Sichel Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum 2016 271 pages with full-color illustrations

  • Silvia Gruner, Hemispheres catalog Hemispheres: a labyrinth sketchbook Puebla, Puebla: Amparo Museum; New York: The Americas Society 259 pages with full-color illustrations

  • Silver Artifacts and Design in México catalog Banamex Cultural Foundation, Amparo Museum, 2015 430 pages with full-color illustrations Paperback

  • The Photographer Juan Rulfo  Photography  México: Juan Rulfo Foundation, Amparo Museum, Editorial RM 2017.  316 pages, illustrations

  • Perla Krauze catalog  Memory/Processes/Accumulations  Amparo Museum, Amparo Foundation  Text in spanish and english

  • Puebla de los Ángeles during the vice-regency era  Coordination Sigrid Maria Louvier Nava  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, UPAEP, 2016.  225 pages with full-color illustrations

  • Enrique Ramirez/Latin American Encounters no. 1 catalog  The time, the spirit, the world  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation; México: RM, 2015  Lomnitz Claudio  Latin American Encounters No. 1 series; full-color illustrations

  • What we do not see, What looks back at us Gabriel de la Mora Text by willy kautz, seven chapters covering 84 pieces that make up part of the work that delves into the manipulation of the image to the monochrome and the monochrome to the image.  Spanish/english

Showing 25 - 36 of 47 items