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  • Micromegas catalog, Pablo Vargas Lugo  Contemporary art  Puebla, Puebla: Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum  México: Olga and Rufino Tamayo Foundation, 2014.  257 pages with full-color illustrations

  • Latin America catalog the combination of text and photography, whether through direct photography or through the use of various techniques such as screen printing, collage, performance, video or installation. Text by Oliver Compagnon, Luis Camnitzer, Alfonso Morales Carrillo.  Puebla: Amparo Museum;  Paris: Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art....

  • Graciela Iturbide catalog  Photography  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum, México: UBS, RM, 2012.  Varied page numbering.

  • "Historias de A" Catalog Catalog from the "Historias de A" exposition; Collection of 10 stories composed by 10 artists, 10 stories of artists depicting animals, innocent and cruel, that differ from the norm usually presented in some media; survival of the fittest still dominates the weak, just like this occurs among human beings all the time. Text by...

  • Cave, City and Eagle's Nest Edited by David Carrasco and Scott Sessions, Albuquerque, New México, University of New México, Amparo Foundation, David Rockefeller Center for Latinamerican Studies Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 2010 480 pages with full-color illustrations.

  • Essays on Viceregal Sculpture in Puebla de los Ángeles  Text by María del Consuelo Maquivar, Monserrat Gali Boadella, Rosa Denise Fallena Montaño, Emma Yanes Rizo.  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum.  México: UNAM, Institute of Aesthetic Research, 2012.  413 pages with full-color illustrations.

  • Select Works catalog, Paperback  Amparo Museum collection  Text by Roberto García Moll, María del Consuelo Maquivar, Sylvia Navarrete  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum;  México: National Museum of Anthropology and History, CONACULTA, INAH, 2008.  203 pages with full-color illustrations

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    Kiosk catalog  Jan Hendrix, contemporary art  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum 2010  Varied page numbering, color illustrations 8 sheets

  • Resisting the present catalog  Photography México 2000-2012, Paris, City of Paris Museums  Puebla, Puebla: Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum, 2011.  347 pages with full-color illustrations

  • Subverting reality catalog  Surrealist and avant-garde photography, intersecting visions from México and Europe from the 1920s through the 1960s.  Text by Quentin Bajac, José Antonio Rodríguez.  Puebla, Puebla:  Amparo Foundation, Amparo Museum 2009

  • Desire and Memory catalog A diverse perspective of 21 contemporary mexican artists; Puebla, Pue.  Society of friends of the Amparo Museum, 1995.  72 pages with full-color illustrations

Showing 37 - 47 of 47 items